Saturday, May 30, 2009


VisualQTH - the app designed to visualise contacts during the club field day - is making good progress.

I have now implemented:

  • Map 'animation' (panning, then zooming out to show all contacts) when a new contact is registered
  • Voice announcement of the contact call sign and the station's morse ID
  • Loading of the station's image (QSL card) from the QRZ database and presentation of these cards in a column on the right hand side of the display
  • Overlay of the geodesic path from the home to the distant station when the station is announced
  • Overlay of station call, contact time, bearing and geodesic distance to the contact, over the QSL card image

There are still many bells and whistles to add, such as contact statistics (charts of contacts by country/state, by hour etc.).
The next important feature is to get the UDP listener working and to test this with an actual copy of the N1MM logging software.

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